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Learning Resources

Use of Learning Resources
Effective use of learning resources is essential for successful learning to take place. Depending on the setting, no material is visible to the learner except perhaps a text book. Some measures of learning materials which can be highlighted include are: i) the degree of sensory stimulation present, ii) the variety of learning media found/ available, and iii) the location of usable learning materials.Sensory stimulation: Sensory stimulation from learning materials can either be prescribed or controlled during the lessons. More stimulation is usually required /available when the materials are interpreted, for instance, during an animated film or game playing. Greater stimulation occurs when the learner is physical proximity to the materials and has a tactile experience. It is therefore necessary to note that, immersion of the learners is multisensory experience represents the greatest degree of stimulation.

Diversity: The diversity of media present is another measure of effect of learning materials. A classroom may have only textbooks, others displays and interactive materials. The most important query is; How many types of learning media are interacting with the learner at any moment?

Location: The location of usable learning resources in classroom is an important variable. This varies from school to school. In some, all learning materials are contained in standard rooms while others have special-purpose spaces which give the students an opportunity to interact with materials. Another scenario is where a school has areas (instructional materials centers) where learning materials are clustered. In organizing learning resources, maximum flexibility enable all objects to be perceived as possible learning materials for instruction.

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