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Developing Training Materials
Accolade Maven is your partner in developing instructional materials and manuals. Training materials are a necessary part of any program or activity that involves knowledge acquisition and retention. The best approach to developing instructional materials is to start by examining the training plan and available resources. Depending on the learning objectives and length of the training program, training materials may include workbooks, training manuals, computer-based lessons and audio-visual aids. Here are strategies to consider when developing training materials.

  1. Identify the objectives of the training program.
  2. Develop a training plan.
  3. Create a list of necessary training materials.
  4. Write an explanation of core skills to be learned.
  5. Dedicate a separate section to each learning objective.
  6. Integrate visual elements.
  7. Incorporate review exercises.
  8. Establish an assessment component.
  9. Ask learners for feedback.