Training of Trainers

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totTraining of Trainers (TOT) is a high-level professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and capacity-building assistance for evidence-based program (EBP) implementation.

The TOT engages participants in a comprehensive, multi-day distributive learning process that builds the knowledge and skills required to effectively train educators to deliver evidence-based projects and  programs for organizations.

This rigorous 4-day workshop includes advanced training on the science of learning, intensive coaching on effective strategies for engaging adult learners, and targeted instruction and practice in training others to deliver a specific curriculum.

Our TOT instructional designs are research based and include pre-work, a pre-assessment, the in-person skill-development workshop and follow-up support. The TOT is conducted in two parts:

  • Part I—EBP Core: Two days of intensive training on the science of learning, masterful facilitation techniques and micro-skills, as well as skill practice on EBP strategies.
  • Part II—Curriculum Specific: Two days of intensive training on the key components of a specific EBP. This includes the research findings and theory base, developer intent, unique curriculum characteristics, targeted EBP skills practice, and specific trainer tips related to the targeted curriculum.