Swahili for Begginers

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Karibu! An indispensable course for beginners in the Swahili language. It will take you step by step with the basic vocabulary and conjugation. You will be able to introduce yourself and hold small conversations with natives Swahili speakers. It is supposed to be taken in order, as the “new” levels use some of the information given in previous ones, but you can navigate as you wish through it. Every section is clearly named so you can chose what to learn.

Section 1Greetings
Section 2Present tense conjugation
Section 3Future tense conjugation
Section 4"To have" (present/past/future)
Section 5Introductions
Section 6Evaluative exercise
Lecture 6
Section Quiz
Section 7Past tense conjugation
Section 8Numbers
Section 9Evaluative exercise
Lecture 9
Section Quiz
Section 10Family
Lecture 10
Section Quiz
Section 11Same sound as in English: f, h , l, m, n, s, v, w, y, z
Section 12Two-consonant combinations: ch, dh, gh, kh, mb, my, nd, ng, ng’, nj, ny, sh, th, vy