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Success stories showcase Extension program efforts. In a time of greater demand for accountability and performance measurement, success stories provide a qualitative measure of Extension program success. This article describes the rationale, the need, and tips for writing success stories. From the accountability standpoint, success stories serve as readily available piece of information for program impact. In addition, they also serve as a communication and marketing tool and also improving the communication and/or writing skills of Extension agents.

This course targets adults who want to improve their formal and non-formal communication in English. It is meant to help learners to improve and develop. Employees in NGOs and organizations that put a premium on  writing success stories are encouraged to take this course. In summary, the following concepts will be covered:

  1. Rationale (Problem or Issue)
  2. Objectives and Methodology
  3. Program Results
  4. Program Impact
  5. Future Potential
  6. Dissemination

HERE there is a summary of what Success Stories Course will capture.

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This course will be covered in 1 Month.

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