Online English Report Writing Course

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This Course takes the learners through Technical Report Writing Skills. It considers the following:

  1. Introduction to Report writing
  2. Active and Passive Voice
  3. Report writing language: Direct and Reported Speech
  4. Writing Various parts of a report: Executive summary, Introduction, Findings, Recommendations/Suggestions, Conclusion
  5. Presenting a report

Duration of the Course

 1 Month

Students are expected to:

  • read and listen to all audios before they do quizzes accompanying the learning activities
  • do their lessons 5 days per week
  • score 40% and above in all  the quizzes ( some quizzes will require you to score up to 50%)
  • always to communicate to the instructor whenever they come across challenges.
Section 1Lesson 1: Introduction to Report writing
Lecture 1
Section Quiz
Section 2Lesson 2: Passive 1
Lecture 2
Section Quiz
Section 3Lesson 3: Passive 2
Lecture 3
Section Quiz
Section 4Lesson 4: Passive 3
Lecture 4
Section Quiz
Section 5Lesson 5: Passive 4
Section 6Lesson 6: Direct speech to reported speech
Section 7Lesson 7: Reported speech 1
Section 8Lesson 8: Reported speech 2
Section 9Lesson 9: Reported speech 3
Section 10Lesson 10: Writing report introduction 1
Section 11Lesson 11: Writing report introduction 2
Section 12Lesson 12: Writing report executive summary/abstract
Section 13Lesson 13: Writing report findings 1
Section 14Lesson 14: Writing report findings 2
Section 15Lesson 15: Integrated grammar on reporting recommendation
Section 16Lesson 17: Writing report recommedation/suggestionss
Section 17Lesson 18: Writing lists in reports
Section 18Lesson 18: Transitions in reports
Section 19Lesson 19: Writing report conclusions
Section 20Lesson 20: Writing an integrated report introduction
Section 21Lesson 21: Writing report grammar context 1
Section 22Lesson 22: Writing report grammar context 1
Section 23Lesson 23: Writing report-application
Section 24Lesson 24: Writing report application
Section 25Lesson 25: Writing report application