Individualized English Writing Program

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English Writing Individualised Programme

This English programme is tailored to empower the learner with requisite skills to polish their written English. The grammar you will learn is geared towards helping you in proofreading, identify grammatical mistakes and editing.


By the end of this individualised programme the learner will be able:

  • to write effective reports, proposals and essays
  • use elements of cohesion and coherence to write persuasive reports, proposals and essays
  • proofread and edit his, and other people’s writings
  • appropriately use passive voice and reported speech in reports, proposals and essays.

Course Outline/Content

  1. Writing sentences: constructing effective sentences and functional application of sentential elements
    1. Appropriate Word order
    2. Constructing appropriate Phases
    3. Constructing appropriate clauses

Online exercise

Practical application:writing in-depth precise short and long sentences with a view of taking charge of your sentences

  1. Writing passive voice and reported speech in reports, proposals and essays
    1. Transformation of sentences in passive voice
    2. Tense changes in reported speech
    3. Pronoun changes in reported speech
    4. Application of passive voice and reported speech in reports and proposals

Online exercise

Practical application: writing snippets of reports, proposals and essays to demonstrate the use of passive voice and reported speech

  1. Paragraph development, cohesion and coherence in reports, proposals and essays
    1. Appropriate use of transitions
    2. Intra and inter paragraph cohesion

Online exercise

Practical application: writing paragraphs, appropriate use of coherence and coherence tools

  1. Developing and presenting reports, essays and proposals
    1. Writing various parts of reports and proposals; i.e. abstract, introduction, methodology etc.

Online exercise

Practical application: writing complete sections of reports, proposals and essays

  1. Proofreading and editing written texts
    1. Finding erroneous sentences
    2. Correcting erroneous sentences
    3. Editing for consistency in subject-verb agreement and tense consistency

Online exercise

Practical application: learner exposed to written texts for the purpose of proofreading and editing

Section 1Lesson 1: Sentences with one clause
Lecture 1Lesson Content
Lecture 2Assignment 1
Section Quiz
Section 2Lesson 2: Sentence with multiple clauses
Lecture 3
Lecture 4To construct a sentence
Section Quiz
Section 3Lesson 3: More sentences with multiple clauses
Lecture 5
Lecture 6Writing Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 4Lesson 4: Sentence Inversion
Lecture 7
Lecture 8Writing Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 5Lesson 5: Problems With Subject-Verb Agreement
Lecture 9
Lecture 10Writing Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 6Lesson 6-Problems With Parallel Structure
Lecture 11
Lecture 12
Section Quiz
Section 7Lesson 7-Problems With Comparatives And Superlatives
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Section Quiz
Section 8Lesson 8-Problems with passives and nouns
Lecture 15
Section Quiz
Section 9Lesson 9-Problems with pronouns
Lecture 16
Section Quiz
Section 10Lesson 10-Problems with adjectives and prepositions
Lecture 17
Section Quiz
Section 11Pronoun & Tense changes in reported speech
Lecture 18
Section Quiz
Section 12Passive voice
Lecture 19
Section Quiz
Section 13Paragraph development
Section 14Cohesion and coherence
Section 15Intra and inter paragraph cohesion
Section 16Introduction, abstract-reports
Section 17Suggestions, recommendations -reports
Lecture 24
Section Quiz
Section 18Challenges, conclusion-reports
Section 19Finding erroneous sentences 1
Section 20Finding erroneous sentences 2
Section 21Consistency in tense
Section 22Consistency in subject-verb agreement
Section 23Correcting erroneous sentences, paragraphs & essays
Section 24Proofreading and editing written texts