Online English Writing Skills Development Course-1

TypeOnline Course
DateOct 3, 2020 - Oct 15, 2020
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Listen to the introductory audio recording below.

This course targets adults who want to improve their formal and non-formal communication in English. It is meant to help learners to improve and develop English language skills in their written form both in formal and non-formal context. Learners are prepared through rigorous activities and exercises that ensure that they consistently improve their English language skills. Employees in NGOs and organizations that put a premium on report writing, proposal writing and writing success stories are encouraged to take this course. In summary, the following concepts will be covered:

  1. English Building Blocks: Parts of speech
  2. Sentence Structures in context
  3. Writing appropriate type of sentences
  4. Writing and transforming sentences
  5. Developing paragraphs and prose texts
  6. Writing Essay (In later programs, Reports, Proposals, Minutes, E-mails, Letters, Memos and Success Stories are covered)


By the end of this course learners should be able to:

  1. Write meaningful sentences
  2. Proofread and edit their writing
  3. Write flawlessly linguistic genres including Reports, Proposals, Minutes, E-mails, Letters, Memos and Success Stories
  4. Communicate appropriately in English in different contexts


This course will be covered in 6 Months.


$ 20 per month

Mode of Delivery

Option 1

The course will be delivered online

Learners will have one on one Skype sessions (1 hour session per week)

Option 2

The course will be delivered through a blended approach

Learners will have face to face sessions (5 days face to face sessions bimonthly)


Continuous evaluation done after both face to face and online activities.

Section 1Lesson 1: a, an, the-articles
Lecture 1Julius Angoli
Section Quiz
Section 2Lesson 2: Pronouns
Lecture 2
Section Quiz
Section 3Lesson 2b: Reflexive pronouns
Lecture 3
Section Quiz
Section 4Lesson 2c: Possessive adjectives
Lecture 4
Section Quiz
Section 5Lesson 3: Possessive adjectives and pronouns
Lecture 5
Section Quiz
Section 6Lesson 3b: The Possessive with 's
Lecture 6
Section Quiz
Section 7Lesson 4: Nouns and Adjectives
Lecture 7
Section Quiz
Section 8Lesson 4b: A few, a little
Lecture 8
Section Quiz
Section 9Lesson 4c: some, any, much, many, a lot of, a few, a little
Lecture 9
Section Quiz
Section 10Lesson 5b: Adjectives-Comparatives and Superlatives