Disciplinary Procedure Online Course (Discipline Management)

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This unit provides the learners with the basic skills and knowledge of when and how to carry out investigations, hearings and appeals at the workplace.


Any disciplinary process has to be founded on credible evidence that come from investigations. Therefore, it is required that managers who do investigations are professional, fair and  focused on the issue at hand and not the character of the suspect.

Hearing & Appeal

Disciplinary hearings have to be handled very carefully for fairness to be seen to have taken place. This unit takes the learners through what should be done in a disciplinary hearing. It clearly brings out the dos and donts in a disciplinary hearing. Furthermore, learners are guided on how to document the proceeding of the hearings.

Supplementary Content

This course further provides the learner with tips of how to write:

  • Show Cause Letters
  • Disciplinary Hearing Minutes
  • Letter of invitation to disciplinary hearing
  • Termination Letter
  • Other correspondents related to handling disciplinary issues at the workplace



Section 1Investigations
Section 2Show Cause Letter
Section 3Invitation Letter to Disciplinary Hearing
Section 4Disciplinary Hearing
Section 5Composition of a Discioplinary Committee
Section 6Minutes taking in a Disciplinary Proceeding
Section 7Reviewing Evidence & Making Decision
Section 8Writing Termination Letter
Section 9Appeal