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Basic English Course

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This course targets adults who want to improve their communication in English. It is meant to help learners to improve and develop English language skills in their written form both in formal and non-formal context. Learners are prepared through rigorous activities and exercises that ensure that they consistently improve their English language skills.  In summary, the following concepts will be covered:


This course will be covered in 6 Months.


$ 15 per month

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Continuous evaluation done after every lesson.

Section 1Lesson 1: The alphabet
Section 2Lesson 2: Basic English words
Section 3Lesson 3: a, an-indefinite article
Lecture 3
Section Quiz
Section 4Lesson 4: The Noun
Lecture 4
Section Quiz
Section 5Lesson 5: The Noun-forming plurals 1
Lecture 5
Section Quiz
Section 6Lesson 6: The Noun-forming plurals 2
Lecture 6
Section Quiz
Section 7Lesson 7: The Noun-forming plurals 3
Lecture 7
Section Quiz
Section 8Lesson 8: The Noun-forming plurals 4
Lecture 8
Section Quiz
Section 9Lesson 9: The Noun-forming plurals 5
Lecture 9
Section Quiz
Section 10Lesson 10: More collective nouns
Section 11Lesson 11: Masculine and Feminine 1
Section 12Lesson 12: Masculine and Feminine 2
Section 13Lesson 13: Masculine and Feminine 3
Section 14Lesson 14: Pronouns 1
Lecture 14
Section Quiz
Section 15Lesson 15: Pronouns 2
Section 16Lesson 16: Pronouns 3
Section 17Lesson 17: Reflexive Pronouns
Section 18Lesson 18: Interrogative Pronouns
Section 19Lesson 19: Demonstrative Pronouns
Section 20