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Baseline Survey for Customer Satisfaction

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Baseline Survey for Customer Satisfaction
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We assist organization conduct this survey to establish current satisfaction levels and that can also be used to track changes over time. It allows organizations to establish (and monitor) customer perceptions of service quality and identify any service quality failures. The customer satisfaction survey is considered critical in understanding consumer behavior, needs, wants, attitudes, perceptions, expectations and trends in an organization services and how to influence the customers to the advantage of the organization.
This entail:

  • To investigate the level and quality of service as provided by the organization to its clients.
  • To determine the aspects of services offered that contributes to customer satisfaction
  • To examine the extent to which customers understand expectations of their services
  • To examine customer perception of services offered.
  • To identify strategies for addressing customer needs for enhancement of better services
  • Identify all service delivery constraints/bottleneck and propose recommendations for improvement