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Activity 2eip3

Rewrite the passages below by filling in the blanks. Pick the correct words from the choices below (in the document) and then fill in the attached document. Submit for marking after completing.

This is a continuation of activity 1 but in higher level.

DOWNLOAD Activity 2 Activity 1 fill and submit for marking


Hi I’m Joshua. I am 11 years old. I (1) —- at Sahakyan school. It is a very big school. I love my school and (2) —- teachers. They are very nice. I (3) —- many good friends. I (4) —- playing basketball with my class-mates after school. I like all my classes, but math is my favorite (5) —- this year. I sit in the front row of class. I (6) —- getting up early and I am sometimes late. I have a sister. (7) —- name is Lea. she (8) —- only nine. She (9) —- painting a lot. She (10) —- to be an art teacher.
Luis Pierri

Hi! My name is Luis Pierri. I (1) —- fourteen years old. I’m in year 8 at St.Patrick’s (2) —- . I’m from Sydney, Australia. My father (3) —- from Spain. (4) —- name is Andrew Pierri and he’s forty-five years old. He’s a (5) —- and he teaches Math. My mother is from Armenia. (6) —- name is Katy Pierri. She’s thirty-eight years old and she’s a nurse. I don’t (7) —- any sisters or brothers. I am a single child but I have many friends. I usually (8) —- computer games in my free time. I like (9) —- a book. My favorite food is (10) —-.

Neo’s Family

Hi, my name is Neo. My father’s name is Homer. He (1) —- a doctor. He works at a (2) —-. He treats sick people. He uses a stethoscope. My brother’s name is Morpheus. (3) —- is an engineer. He designs bridges, hospitals, banks and many other structures. He has got (4) —- red helmet and he always wears (5) —-. My mother’s name is Talin. She is a (6) —-. She cooks delicious meals. She (7) —- the house, she does the ironing and shopping. I (8) —- got a sister. (9) —- name is Alicia. She plays tennis. She uses her own racket. She likes (10) —- pictures of animals and people. She uses a pencil and a piece of paper.