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Activity 2eip2

Use of English: find the correct verb form

Gerund or to + Infinitive?

Complete the text below by entering the most appropriate form of the word after each gap: to + Infinitive or Gerund. Sometimes you may have to use the perfect form and in some cases more than one answer can be correct.

Download Activity 2 here, fill the document and submit for marking

Britain’s most experienced astronaut retires after 26 years at NASA
Monday, August 12, 2013
British-born astronaut, Michael Foale, has retired from NASA after (1)             (dedicate) the past 26 years to space exploration. Considered the most experienced British-born astronaut in human spaceflight, Foale is said (2)         (spend) 375 days in orbit, (3)                    (visit) the International Space Station, Mir platform and (4)              (complete) work on the Hubble Space Telescope.
Foale was present in the 1997 Mir station incident, where it was accidentally rammed by a cargo ship. He told the BBC: “I felt the fall of the air pressure in my ears and realised it was fairly severe but not so severe that we wouldn’t have time (5)                    (evacuate). It all started (6)                     (fit) together and a plan even started (7)                    (form) in all our minds that we would be ok — or we could be ok.”
Foale will now be spending his time (8)                          (help) (9)                      (advance) green aviation technology, his aim (10)                          (be) (11)                             (develop) an electric aircraft. NASA administrator and former fellow astronaut, Charles Bolden, said in a statement: “(12)                               (Start) with his first flight, shuttle mission STS-45, when we flew together in 1992, Mike has worked tirelessly (13)                        (support) NASA’s quest (14) (explore) the unknown. I know Mike will go on (15)                                   (do) more great things as he continues (16)                            (support) the aerospace industry in his new endeavor.” NASA representatives have saluted Mr Foale for his contributions to the space exploration industry and regard him as one of the great members of the astronaut corps.