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Activity 1

Rewrite the passages below by filling in the blanks. Pick the correct words from the choices below and then fill in the attached document. Submit for marking after completing.

DOWNLOAD  Activity 1 fill and submit for marking

My name is Hassan. I (1)—- a mechanic. I (2)—- in London, I (3)—- a brother and a sister. My sister is a university student. She (4)—- medicine. She is going to be a doctor. My brother doesn’t want (5)—- to university. (6)—-he wants to be a mechanic like me. He comes and (7)—- me in my shop on Sundays. He hasn’t finished his education yet. (8)—- his education, he is thinking of (9)—- with me. We will (10)—- the business together.

1. is are am do

2. believe think arrive live

3. owns learn have study

4. teach learn / studies uses

5. go goes went to go

6. Because Although Behind / During

7. works helps is angry with shouts at

8. For Because After So

9. works worked to work working

10. run depart put wear

My Family

My name is Farah. I (1) —- sixteen years old. I don’t (2) —- a large family. I live with my parents and (3) —- brother. I also have a puppy dog. (4) —- name is King. My mom is a teacher. She (5) —- at a high school. She teaches Spanish. My dad is an engineer. He works for a big company. He can drive or (6) —- his bike to work. I have a brother. (7) —- name is Ryan. He is ten years old. He (8) —- to elementary school. He (9) —- basketball and tennis. (10) —- love my family!

1. is are am do

2. have work has live

3. her my I he

4. It’s It His He

5. work works go is

6. jump read run ride

7. her they his he

8. lives speaks buys goes

9. works drinks eats plays

10. me my I your